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Women Entrepreneurship is gaining importance in India in the wake of economic liberalisation and globalization. The Policy and Institutional framework for developing entrepreneurial skills, providing vocational education and training has widened.

Indian women are doing a wonderful job striking a balance between their house and career. Women entrepreneurs are the key players in any developing country particularly in terms of their contribution to economic development. In recent years, their share in small and big businesses has been increasing. The women entrepreneurs in India have various qualities. A woman or a group of women manages the whole business or enterprise. She prepares various plans and executes them under her own supervision and control. She should be creative with analytical thinking. Leadership is one of the most important characteristics of a woman entrepreneur. It is the process of influencing and supporting others to work enthusiastically towards achieving objectives.

Some of the challenges and issues are: limitations for participation in various activities due to family and social obligations, regional, national and international exposure, confidence of sub-ordinates, shortage of finance, lack of information on marketing, technologies, stiff competition, limited managerial ability, absence of entrepreneurial aptitude, low risk taking ability, family conflicts, lack of entrepreneurial training, legal formalities, travelling, credit facilities and other day-to-day operational problems.

Initiated by
SME Chamber of India
Maharashtra Industrail and Economic Development Association
Start - UPs Council of India
Marathi Business Forum

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